UGM- 192 USB Audio Adapter

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UGM192 is an ultra-mobile guitar and microphone to USB audio interface with excellent 24-bit / 192kHz / 114dB quality.

This compact device allows you to connect an electric guitar via its Hi-Z instrument input and a professional dynamic or condenser microphone directly to your PC or Mac or to any compatible mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers that support USB audio. The rear panel offers a stereo output that you can use for playback and for real-time input monitoring, i.e. with headphones.

This makes UGM192 the perfect companion for guitar and professional microphone recording applications on the road or in your studio. You can use it to jam with a guitar and microphone, process the signal in real-time, and listen to the mix directly via headphones – no special additional devices are needed: you simply plug UGM192 between your guitar, headphones, the microphone, and your computer or mobile device. As a truly mobile solution, it can even be powered via an optional external battery – just bring this professional preamp anywhere you go!