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This course is perfect for everyone with little to no knowledge about being a DJ and who would like to start their professional career or just for fun. Our certified industry-known tutors have over 15 years’ experience in the professional music industry. They are here to help you reach your dreams while learning on the latest technology available. Our easy-to-follow courses are designed to assist you to learn all the tips and tricks a professional artist might need to succeed in today’s music industry. All ages welcome. After completing any one of our courses, you will be added to our online community, where you will receive exclusive content, tracks, mixes, news, specials and much more.


• Basic Music Theory

• Variety of DJ Equipment & the Differences Between Them

• Connections & Setup of Various DJ Equipment

• Features & Buttons on Various Equipment

• DJ Etiquette & Guidelines

• Beatmatching on the Correct Time

• Controlling the Mixer

• Creating & Preparing your Set

• Marketing a DJ (Basic)

• Software Setup


o Classes are one-on-one with your tutor

o This course has 8 lessons where each lesson is 2 hours long

o Times and dates of classes are discussed with the tutor to suit your availability (We are open on Saturdays)

o Certificate on Completion