Superlux TM58 Dynamic Vocal Microphone

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TM58 series cardioid dynamic microphones are able to deliver authentic sound without any unnecessary sound coloration which are designed for speech and performance. Equipped with tailored diaphragm and precise directivity, TM58 series give full and powerful sound. The higher SPL and high-grade transient response of TM58 series compared with other microphones will make the stage performance strong and the penetrating. TM58 is the correct choice for the perfectionists no matter outdoors or indoors, speech or performance.

- Balanced and clear true sound
- Frequency response is good for intelligent recognition and the mid- high frequency band is bright, the low frequency band is solid powerful
- High SPL capacity
- On/off switch with locking function
- Newly-designed capsule shockmount system to decrease handling noise
- The USB version furnished with a shock mount and tripod