Agera Acoustics CCR-82bt Analog Mixing Console

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Agera Acoustics 8 Channel Analog Mixing Console, With 4 Mic, 2 stereo Channels, British Pre-amps, Built-In Effects Unit, Bluetooth, USB, SD Card, MP-3 Player, XLR Outputs.

Agera Acoustics is proud to offer our range of analog mixing consoles which have been meticulously designed from the ground up, with you, the prosumer in mind. Our mantra of providing customers with the ultimate in quality performance for the cost, is extended throughout the range of consoles we have painstakingly engineered. All our consoles, from the smallest format, to our largest format, feature “A” grade, British pre-amps for the cleanest sound reproduction possible. Our “BT” series mixers include a media player incorporating bluetooth, USB, MP-3 playback, SD Card and recording functions, microphone and stereo line level inputs, as well as a built-in effects unit and compressors on each mic channel. This makes the “BT” series a clever, all-in-one solution for the gigging one man band, up to a full band requiring multiple inputs and functionality. Our “U” series consoles have extended sweepable mids, 4 Aux channels, effects unit with 100 built-in effects and a built-in USB interface, while our flagship console, the CCR-2642 PRO includes all the above functions, plus separate phantom power on each mic channel, sweepable low and high mids on EQ function, and 6 aux channels, as well as separate sub groups (4 sub groups) and main left and right output control. So, what are you waiting for. Come join our family. There’s an Agera Acoustics console waiting to help fulfil your musical destiny.


  • 8 channel analog mixing console
  • 4 balanced microphone channel inputs
  • 2 stereo unbalanced 1/4″ jack inputs
  • 3 band graphic EQ on all microphone channels
  • 2 auxiliary channel outputs
  • built-in effects processor (16 digital effects)
  • British “a” grade pre amplifiers
  • balanced XLR main outputs
  • built-in compressor on all microphone channels
  • built-in media player, including bluetooth, USB, SD card, mp-3 player and
  • record function
  • fader control on all input channels
  • phantom power
  • built-in power supply