Solid State Logic SSL 2+ Recording Pack USB-C Audio/MIDI Interface with Microphone and Headphones

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Start recording your first song right out of the box with the Solid State Logic SSL 2+ Recording Pack, a bundle that includes an SSL 2+ USB-C audio/MIDI interface, SSL large-diaphragm, cardioid condenser mic with shockmount, and XLR cable, to capture vocals and instruments, and SSL closed-back headphones for accurate monitoring. You also get the SSL Production Pack, an inspiring collection of software with the Ableton Live 11 Lite DAW, AAS Session Bundle, Melodyne Essential from Celemony, 1.5GB Samples from Loopcloud, Native Instruments: Hybrid Keys & Komplete Start, AmpliTube 5 SE, SSL’s own Vocalstrip 2 and Drumstrip plug-ins, and more.

SSL 2+ USB-C Audio/MIDI Interface Overview:

Compact and competitively priced, the SSL 2+ desktop 2×4 USB audio/MIDI interface puts legendary SSL analog character, pristine conversion, and intuitive console-style workflow within reach for producers, home recordists, musicians, and songwriters on a tight budget. Its two SSL-designed mic preamps—accessible via XLR-1/4″ combo inputs—feature class-leading gain, headroom, and noise specs for tracking mics, electric instruments, or line-level signals with ultraclean definition. When you want some character added on an input, simply press that channel’s Legacy 4K button to add a high-frequency boost and sweet harmonic distortion, both inspired by the classic and heralded 4000-Series consoles used on countless hit records.

Both input channels, which are arranged vertically like a large-format mixing board, provide 5-segment LED metering and selectable 48V phantom power per channel. The SSL 2+ is equipped with a pair of monitor outputs and two independent high-current headphone outs with high dynamic range, independent level control via Alps pots, and a selectable mono/stereo monitor mix. Additionally, it features four unbalanced RCA outputs—two mirror the 1/4″ monitor outs, and two serve outputs 3-4—for routing to external cue, amps, or effects units. Utilize the rear-panel MIDI I/O ports for hooking up external synths and keyboard controllers without having to integrate a separate MIDI interface.

The layout of the interface hearkens back to SSL’s classic large-format analog consoles, featuring a prominent monitor level knob and smaller controls for your headphone out and monitor mix. The monitor mix knob can be used to counter any latency while recording at high buffer rates in your DAW, by sourcing the monitor signal directly from the input path. Or rotate the knob to the right to introduce more of the USB return from your computer for easy overdubs.

High-Gain Microphone Preamps
Both mic preamps on the SSL 2+ provide up to 62 dB of gain to ensure optimal recording levels for your favorite condenser mic, industry-standard dynamic mics such as the Shure SM7B, and electric instruments such as guitar and bass. They incorporate a two-stage design with low-noise transistors and IC circuits to deliver top-of-the-line noise performance and ample gain.
Console-Style Channels Strips
Each input section offers switches for +48V phantom power and selection of line-level or Hi-Z input signal. Plus, you’ll find 5-segment LED metering and gain knobs on both channels.
Analog Tone Enhancement
Underneath the gain knobs on both input channels, you’ll note the Legacy 4K button. This feature helps you bring dull, uninspiring audio to life as you record it, doing so by adding subtle harmonic distortion and a high-frequency boost. Both are analog processes that take their cue from the sound of the legendary and classic SSL 4000 Series consoles, hence the name 4K.
Dual Headphone Outs and Monitor Outputs

Presented on the rear panel of the SSL 2+ are 1/4″ jacks for the stereo monitor outs and the dual high-current NJM headphone-amp outputs. Separate high-quality pots are provided for independent volume control of your speakers and two sets of headphones. The second headphone output can be sourced from the main mix or from outputs 3-4, making it ideal for creating different cue mixes for multiple artists.

There are four unbalanced RCA outputs—two mirror the 1/4″ monitor outs and two serve outputs 3-4—for routing to external cue amps or effects units.

Pristine Converters
Packed with the same AKM AD/DA converters as SSL’s acclaimed Alpha-Link I/O products, the SSL 2+ offers pristine conversion at up to 24-bit / 192 kHz. Record and mix confidently knowing that the interface captures and reproduces your tracks without compromise.
The SSL 2+ integrates smoothly with gear for beatmakers. Utilize the rear-panel MIDI I/O ports for hooking up an external synth and a keyboard controller without having to integrate a separate MIDI interface.
High-Quality Components
The SSL 2+ is laden with high-grade Neutrik connectors and Alps pots; all knobs and switches are reminiscent of iconic SSL consoles.
USB-C or USB-A Host Connection
Since the SSL 2+ is powered via USB, there’s no need to be concerned with power cables, AC adapters, or batteries. It sports a USB-C connector and includes USB-C and USB-C to USB-A cables for interfacing to your Mac/Windows computer.
SSL Production Pack
  • Ableton Live 11 Lite: a fresh and easy way to write, record, and produce your own songs and great for live performance.
  • SSL’s Vocalstrip 2 and Drumstrip plug-ins and a 3-month trial of all SSL Complete plug-ins
  • Native Instruments Hybrid Keys and Komplete Start: over 2000 studio-quality sounds, 16 synths and sample players, plus a comprehensive selection of effects, loops, and more
  • Arcade by Output: 3-month access to a unique type of synth with 50,000 loops and samples
  • Antares Auto-Tune Unlimited: 3-month access to the ultimate vocal-production suite and the industry standard for professional vocal tuning
  • AmpliTube 5 SE: the entire guitar-processing signal chain with a selection of stomps, amps, cabs, speakers, mics, rooms, and FX rack, all in one interface
  • AAS Session Bundle: with Ultra Analogue Synth, Strum Session, and Lounge Lizard Session plug-ins
  • Melodyne Essential from Celemony: the professionals choice for pitch correction of recordings and samples—tune vocals, instruments, and more for pitch-perfect performances
  • SoundID Reference from Sonarworks: 3-month access to software for calibrating your speakers and headphones
  • 1.5GB of curated samples and loops from Loopcloud