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40W Bass Amplifier

The CM40B is CM series with compact size, modern design, and powerful sound. It's designed to meet both beginners who are just starting to play and those who want to have a sleek, compact amplifier. It is characterized by its versatility to digest a wide range of genres.

10″ Speaker

The compact 10” speaker is efficient with plenty of power-handling capacity and can get surprisingly loud, making it ideal for practice with other band members in a controlled volume environment. The sound is clear and balanced, allowing your playing style and character to come through without coloration.

Two Mid Knobs

The CM40B features two controls for the all-critical midrange: Low Mid and High Mid. This allows for the player to fine-tune the mids to best suit the type of instrument to his/her liking and expand the tonal range of the amplifier. In conjunction with the Treble and Bass controls, the two Mid controls will provide a wide range of sounds suitable for virtually any playing style and musical genre.

Mode Button

With the mode button, You can select between clean and gain modes. The red LED illuminates when in the Gain mode and the Gain knob will control the amount of preamp overdrive/distortion.

Gain Control

Adjusts the incoming signal level from bass, optimizing the preamp signal level for a variety of basses.

Bright Button

Adds presence and shimmer in the upper frequencies.

Aux In & Headphone Out

The Auxiliary input allows you to connect your smartphone or digital music player to the amplifier and play along with your favorite music. The headphone jack can be used to practice late at night or in quiet environments, making the CM40B a versatile amp that can be used in variety of playing situations.

Preout on Rear Panel

Balanced output to connect to external devices such as PA systems and recording consoles. The level and tone of the Preout signal are affected by all preamp controls, including Gain.


INPUT VOLTAGE Varies Depending on the Region
DIMENSIONS 375(W) x 270(D) x 365(H) mm
WEIGHT 9.7 kg