ARTURIA KeyLab Essential 61 mk3 Alpine White

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The KeyLab Essential 61 mk3 Alpine White is a 61-key master keyboard offered by the brand Arturia.

Creating music in the digital world isn’t always simple. Too many elements can easily distract us, and it's necessary to learn a large number of functions. With this in mind: KeyLab Essential focuses on the essentials and allows you to concentrate on what matters most. These new control keyboards display quality craftsmanship while offering a decidedly modern look. Arturia's maxim: 1 button for 1 function is also present on these new keyboards, which are undeniably charming.


  • Discover a MIDI controller that breaks all barriers between you, your DAW, and your perfect sound, adorned with a modern and lush aesthetic to enhance any setup.
  • For producers and musicians seeking a modern and fresh look for their setup, KeyLab Essential features a fully white casing and keys, complemented by colorful RGB pads.
  • Your favorite synth sounds, your DAW transport, and your mixer all in one. Enjoy superior control over your sounds and DAW projects as well as seamless communication with Analog Lab and other professional software to boost your sound.
  • KeyLab Essential not only helps you play and navigate through your projects, it's also designed to inspire you. Summon catchy melodies, curious rhythms, and moving chord sequences with its range of creative features.
  • In addition to a full MIDI controller, users benefit from a suite of high-end music creation software and sounds, including a standard DAW, Analog Lab V, and other timeless instruments.