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Wharfedale Pro announce an addition to their Typhon series of active, plastic loudspeakers. The 8” Typhon-AX8 and its aptX Bluetooth enabled brother - the Typhon-AX8-BT. Using the same electronics as the Typhon 12” models, the new 8” Typhons deliver huge power from a small durable plastic cabinet. Bi-amplified power brings 720w Continuous output power (1440w Peak). This is unprecedented in such a small compact loudspeaker.

In addition, 4-position DSP allows the timbre to be adjusted to taste. With Typhon-AX8-BT there is also a Bluetooth model with TWS stereo link mode allowing for complete, wire free high powered stereo audio to cover the audience. As with the 12” Typhons, the new 8” models use custom Wharfedale Pro drivers. The acclaimed IRIS X HF compression driver features a 1.75” voice coil, while the LF driver features a 2.5” coil with flat coil windings for enhanced cooling. The cone material chosen is also moisture rejecting, allowing a Typhon-AX8 to be used in extreme conditions.

Welcome to the 720w continuous Typhon 8” models.