Stagg TIMJR316 3-piece Junior Drum Set

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Suitable for youngsters between the ages of 2 & 5 approx., the blue Stagg 3 Piece Junior Drum Kit with 16 Bass Drum is designed & manufactured with high-grade components including a wooden snare drum complete with individual stand. This fantastic Stagg Junior Drum Kit also includes a drum stool, pair of sticks & even a tuning key for tweaking the sound of the drums. A well built kit designed to last for many years & bring hours of fun, the Stagg Junior Kit with 16 Bass Drum is always a popular choice. Features: 16 x 14 Bass Drum 6 lugs 10 x 5 Tom 4 lugs 10 x 5 Wooden Snare Drum 4 lugs Tom Holder Arm Bass Drum Pedal Drum Throne 10 Crash Cymbal w/ Holder Includes Pair of Drumsticks Drum Throne Tuning Key


  • Included: 16 x 11″ bass drum (6lugs) x 1, 10 x 5″ snare drum (4 lugs) with stand x 1, 8 x 6″ tom (4 lugs) with holder x 1, 10″ crash cymbal with holder x 1, bass drum pedal x 1, 4-section drum throne x 1, pair of drumsticks and tuning key
  • Net weight: 11.1 kg ( 24.5 lb)