CAD Audio GXL1800 Side Address Studio Condenser Microphone

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GXL1800 Side Address Studio Condenser Mic
The GXL series overdelivers with world-class performance and provides flexibility for your next creative project. These high sensitivity, low noise, low distortion microphones are perfect for your next recording, broadcast, sound reinforcement, podcasting or audio for video project. CAD Audio has more than 80 years of professional audio expertise and takes prides in supporting your creative endeavor.

The GX1800 Large Format Side Address Microphone captures your performance with a smooth and articulate profile. The GXL1800's high sensitivity allows for distance miking techniques and combined with a well behaved cardioid polar pattern, helps to eliminate off axis environmental noise. Includes studio grade shock mount, tripod stand, XLR cable and foam windscreen.

CAD Audio GXL1800 Features

  • Large Format Design
  • High Sensitivity Studio Condenser Capsule
  • Highly Effective Studio Grade Isolation Shock Mount
  • Smooth and Articulate Reproduction
  • Cardioid Pattern Resists Room Noise