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The Roland RP107 digital piano brings the glorious sound and playing feel of the world’s finest acoustic grand pianos into your home. Boasting an elegant, compact traditional upright design, the RP107 will harmonize with any decor and add a fashionable accent to any room. But the RP107 is not all about style. Under the hood, Roland’s state-of-the-art engineering is hard at work. The RP107’s SuperNATURAL sound engine and onboard speaker system delivers rich, room filling tone, while its PHA-4 Standard keyboard and triple-pedal assembly support proper playing technique with the authentic feel of an acoustic grand piano. That Roland has managed to bring this truly superior instrument to market at such an affordable price is testimony to the company’s decades-long leadership in music technology.

Roland RP107 Digital Home Piano at a Glance:

  • Affordable home piano with class-leading sound and playability
  • Compact and attractive design with traditional upright styling
  • Deep expression from Roland’s acclaimed SuperNATURAL Piano technology
  • Authentic acoustic grand piano touch and response with the 88-note PHA-4 Standard keyboard
  • Simple and direct user interface for easy operation
  • Onboard stereo speaker system with rich, full sound
  • 256 notes of polyphony supports playing complex pieces with no compromise
  • Connect a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth to play along with favorite songs and work with MIDI music apps
  • Control RP107 features, explore lessons, and more with the companion Roland Piano App
  • Sustain, soft, and sostenuto pedals to support advanced techniques
  • Dual headphones jacks and Twin Piano mode for playing along with a friend or teacher
  • Integrated lid slides out to protect the keyboard when not in use
  • USB ports for connecting with computers and flash storage devices

Roland’s SuperNATURAL sound engine

At Music Experience, we get our hands on some of the finest digital and acoustic pianos on the planet, and the Roland RP107 has impressed many of the fastidious pianists here with the authenticity of its sound and playing feel. Much of that has to do with Roland’s renowned SuperNATURAL sound engine, which incorporates sophisticated sampling and modeling technologies to give you an intimate and customizable connection with your keyboard that puts the complex nuances of an acoustic grand piano at your fingertips. Drawing upon Roland’s rich sonic legacy, the SuperNATURAL piano engine — the same technology that drives the company’s higher-end models — allows for stunningly realistic acoustic pianos and electric pianos that can take you from pristine sparkle to funky grit, plus a curated selection of premium acoustic and electronic instruments. As for the playing feel; again, Roland’s advanced PHA-4 keybed, working in concert with their SuperNATURAL engine and triple-pedal system, nails the experience of playing a world-class concert grand.

    PHA-4 keyboard provides authentic grand piano feel

    In the RP107, advanced sensor technologies work together with the SuperNATURAL Piano engine to provide performance and playing expressiveness that rivals the finest acoustic grand pianos. The RP107 sports Roland’s PHA-4 Standard keyboard, which features the fourth generation of the company’s acclaimed Progressive Hammer Action with Escapement. The escapement mechanism in a grand piano moves the hammers away from the strings quickly after they strike them, in order to prevent any interference with string vibration. This mechanism creates a slight but discernible “nudge” when the keys are pressed gently, and the PHA-4 Standard keyboard replicates this sensation near the bottom of the key dip. The RP107 also includes a triple-pedal assembly with damper, soft, and sostenuto pedals. The damper and soft pedals support continuous detection for advanced pedaling techniques.

    Instant inspiration and creative enjoyment

    The RP107 may be technologically sophisticated under the hood, but it’s designed to be so easy to use that even young children can dive right in and start playing. With its collection of 377 onboard songs, practice-supportive metronome, recording functionality, and app connectivity, the RP107 provides instant creative enjoyment for the entire family. It has built-in Bluetooth wireless for streaming music from your smartphone and accessing a world of apps, so everyone stays motivated with exciting new musical challenges. Dual headphone jacks and Twin Piano mode are perfect for duets with a friend or teacher. Enjoy rich, room-filling stereo from its built-in speaker system or indulge in late-night practice as you thrill to the sound of your playing, enhanced with Roland’s immersive Headphones 3D Ambience.

    Bluetooth and apps to advance your musical journey

    Aside from their not needing costly maintenance and regular tuning, one of the benefits of digital pianos over their acoustic counterparts is the inclusion of high-tech features that engage the whole family and foster the sense of excitement in musical exploration. The Roland RP107 is very well-equipped in this regard. You can use Bluetooth audio to connect to your smartphone or tablet, stream music through the RP107’s speakers or headphone outputs, and then play along with your favorite songs. Control RP107 functions, explore lessons, and more with the companion Roland Piano App, which automatically records your performances for self-assessment and challenges you to learn new pieces with its One Week Master program. The RP107’s USB computer port lets you connect up with DAW software, while its USB memory port makes it quick and easy to record your performances to a flash drive. With its superior sound and playability, advanced features, elegant styling, and gentle price tag, the Roland RP107 is an inspiring choice for your family piano.

    What Roland Says...

    When you’re on a budget and looking for your family’s first piano, authentic tone and playability should be your top priority. The affordable RP107 delivers on both counts, thanks to the acclaimed sound engine and keyboard action found in higher-end Roland pianos. It looks attractive too, with a smart design that combines traditional styling with a compact footprint that fits in any space. And with onboard Bluetooth®, you can enhance musical enjoyment and accelerate learning with mobile devices and the companion Roland Piano App.

    Get started the right way.

    To learn piano correctly, students need a solid foundation to develop proper techniques and avoid building bad habits that are hard to shake. Backed by decades of Roland development, the RP107 offers sound and expression that you won’t find in other pianos at this price. Filled with features derived from our premium home pianos, this quality instrument brings you uncompromising performance that will fuel years of musical growth.

    Class-leading sound and expression.

    Highly acclaimed by educators and professionals musicians, our SuperNATURAL Piano engine combines sophisticated sampling and modeling technologies that fully reproduce the complex nuances of an acoustic grand piano. The tone changes naturally in response to playing touch and dynamics, encouraging students to interact with the sound and improve their skills every day.

    Real acoustic feel.

    The RP107’s keyboard and pedals complete the authentic acoustic grand experience, deeply connecting the player with the sound engine’s expressive power. The 88-note PHA-4 Standard keyboard provides true weighted response, complete with the subtle click of the escapement action and special Ivory Feel material on the white keys. Sustain, soft, and sostenuto pedals are integrated into the design, ready to support a variety of advanced pedal techniques.

    Compact and attractive.

    With its traditional styling, the RP107 presents a timeless look that flows with any decor. The slim cabinet takes up far less space than an acoustic upright piano, and two people can move the instrument from room to room when needed. An elegant lid slides out to protect the keyboard when not in use, and the built-in rest provides a convenient home for sheet music and mobile devices. And with the smartly organized controls, players can quickly access essential piano functions without distraction.

    Modern connectivity.

    The RP107’s built-in Bluetooth audio/MIDI connectivity makes it easy to use mobile devices to enhance the learning journey. Stream music and educational content through the piano’s speaker system and play along, or use MIDI music apps like GarageBand and others to develop composition skills. USB ports are also available for connecting with computers and flash storage devices.

    Learn faster with the Roland Piano App.

    The Roland Piano App extends your family’s productivity and enjoyment with the RP107. It provides remote control of sound selection, metronome settings, recording, and more. In addition, there are many inspiring lesson features to encourage progress, such as an activity log with goals, flash card games, rhythm exercises, and a One Week Master program for learning different piano pieces. The app also includes scores for the RP107’s onboard song library, plus the ability to add even more via Roland Cloud.

    Additional benefits.

    Along with its compact and portable design, the RP107 offers numerous advantages over an acoustic piano. Onboard recording lets students check their progress and share music, while Twin Piano mode enables them to play alongside a family member, friend, or teacher. Volume control is just a button press away, and dual headphones jacks allow two people to play quietly at the same time, each with independent sound control. And with no need for tuning and regular maintenance, the RP107 delivers perfect sound every day.